Bloom's Taxonomy

Benjamin Bloom categorized important thinking behaviors used in the process of learning. Bloom found that 95% of student's tests require the lowest level of thinking, being the recall of information. Bloom's Taxonomy was published in 1956 which contains the six levels of intellectual behaviors within the cognitive domain. In 2001, Lorin Anderson, a former student of Bloom, published changes made to the individual levels.

external image blooms__revised_pyramids2.jpg

Knowledge: Remembering, restating, or recalling previous information
Comprehension: Demonstrating basic understanding of information by interpreting and translating learning
Application: Using the information in a context different from the one that was learned
Analysis: Breaking down the information into it's component parts
Synthesis: Using previous learning to create new information
Evaluate: Using criteria to make judgments on the topic or product

A short animation explaining Bloom's taxonomy.