Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology Device means any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of children with disabilities (
Writing Deficits
1. Alphasmart 3000 (portable, battery powered word processing keyboard)
a. Strictly for word processing
b. Does not allow access to games or internet
c. Less expensive than laptop computers
2. Dana (a newer version of the Alphasmart that can run Palm OS applications)
3. The Writer (portable keyboard without distractions of games or internet)
4. Pocket PC with portable keyboard
5. Premier Software
6. Speech to text software
Reading Deficits
1. Books on tape
2. Digitized text for use on Mp3 player or computer
3. Premier Software
a. Universal Reader: simple toolbar floats on the computer screen to allow the student to hear any text with documents, web pages, eBooks or scanned documents.
b. Predictor Pro: predicts words as you type to help speed up keyboarding or aid in spelling
c. Ultimate Talking Dictionary: students can find the definition of any word in a document, web page, or eBook and hear it read aloud (includes eight languages)
4. Text to audio: convert audio text to allow to burn to a CD or download onto an Mp3 player/IPOD
5. Text to speech
Keyboard Access
1. Small keyboard for one handed students
2. Large key keyboard
3. On screen keyboard
4. Intellikeys (allows physical, visual, and cognitive access for varying disabilities)
Spelling Deficits
1. Computer spellcheckers
2. Hand held spell checkers
Organization Deficits
1. Planner
2. Pocket PC
3. Math Pad and Math Pad Plus (allows students to do arithmetic problems directly on the computer particularly if they have trouble with using a pen and pencil)
4. Inspiration/Kidspiration Software (allows students to develop and organize their ideas through graphic organizers, including webs, outlines, maps, and diagrams)


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